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Need an address for your head office, creation of your company? - reception - forwarding - scanning -

COMPANY DOMICILIATION – myCowork Montorgueil Les Halles


Our automatic mail machine automatically sends you an e-mail when your mail is deposited, so you are perfectly informed, in real time, and can collect it 24/7 by showing your badge.

You can also collect your registered mail and extrajudicial documents in complete security thanks to your access badge and the biometric recognition of your fingerprint.

In addition to the classic direct debit service, we also offer you a mail forwarding or scanning service.


An image
of prestige

A professional address in the heart of Paris.

A central address at 7mns walk from Les Halles.

A cozy and green place in a dynamic district.


and security

Separate home and work addresses.

Biometric recognition and 24/7 access by badge.

Secure mail storage and delivery via our automated system.



A professional place with a global offer of services: room rental, offices...

A human-sized structure and a physical reception.

A training and coaching offer for companies.

single reception

49€ excl. VAT/month

* 24/7 acces

weekly forwarding

20€ excl. VAT/month

excluding postage costs

scanning service

49€ excl. VAT/month

+ monthly forwarding -  excluding postage costs

Single Reception

49€ excl. VAT / month

+ 150€ Excl. VAT deposit

  • email upon receipt of mail
  • badge & biometric fingerprint
  • 24/24 + 7/7
  • Notification for registered mail
  • Package box

Weekly Forwarding

20€ Excl. VAT in addition *

* in addition to simple reception & postage not included 

  • Weekly forwarding
  • Calculation of postage costs
  • no need to move
  • Mail notification


59€ Excl. VAT in addition*

* in addition to simple reception & postage not included

  • Daily scan
  • Weekly forwarding
  • no need To move
  • Mail Notification
domiciled companies (jan23)

Frequent questions

The domiciliation is very regulated so we ask you to provide us with the following documents:

  • Photocopy of the identity document of the legal representative
  • Kbis of the company if it is created (otherwise to be provided upon receipt)
  • Certificate of residence of the legal representative
    Organization of collection of the social contributions
  • Telephone certificate of the legal representative
  • Certificate of the place where the accounting documents are held (unless the same applies to the domicile)
  • Postal power of attorney for receipt of registered mail
    direct debit mandate

In addition, the following documents must be provided each year:

  • Kbis of the company
  • Proof of residence

When you request to be attached to our Montorgueil Services domiciliation center, we provide you with :

  • a contract to sign
  • a 3-month deposit invoice for the direct debit (not cashed)
  • A list of documents to provide us with

Upon receipt of these 3 elements, we will countersign your contract and issue a certificate of domiciliation.

In order to benefit from the DOMICILIATION D'ENTREPRISE - myCowork Montorgueil Les Halles service, a biometric fingerprint is mandatory if you want us to receive your registered mail and extrajudicial letters. It guarantees to both parties that important mail has been delivered by hand to the recipient. It offers security and serenity.

By choosing to domicile your company at myCowork Montorgueil Les Halles, you benefit from a central and friendly address in a dynamic neighborhood. You also choose a modern, friendly, professional image with strong values of sharing and openness.

To be domiciled in a coworking space is especially to benefit from the assets of the place: a convivial framework, a physical and cordial reception in week from 9 am till 7 pm, meeting rooms, offices.